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My personal blog where I write about stuff which I find fascinating and interesting!

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DMaroo’s personal blog

Hey there! 👋

I am Dhruv Maroo, a computer science and engineering undergraduate student.

Nice to see you here. Welcome to the conglomeration of my thoughts, interests and musings. In this personal blog of mine, I write about stuff that I find fascinating and interesting. And it’s all about tech.

In case you don’t know where to start, have a look at the index :)

Most recent posts:

Google Summer of Code 2022 - x86 ISA lifting for RzIL

This blog outlines the work I did on IL lifting x86 ISA as my GSoC project. It also provides links to the relevant PRs and future plans.

open-source reverse-engineering security


Writeup for the filtered-shellcode challenge on picoCTF

ctf writeup reverse-engineering picoctf

SuperH ISA lifting for RzIL

My learnings while implementing an assembler, disassembler and IL lifting for the SuperH-4 ISA

open-source reverse-engineering security